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Tennessee Gas Pipeline Information

NOTICE: The information available on these pages is provided on a use at your own risk basis. The Town of Groton assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on these pages. Some aspects of pipeline construction, should it occur, involve legal issues (e.g., purchase and sale of easements, terms and conditions in easement agreements, property taking by eminent domain matters, etc.). Please note that the Town of Groton does not provide legal advice to anyone. Readers dealing with pipeline legal matters are advised to seek their own legal counsel.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline, LLC has postponed their scheduled informational meetings for the months of November and December for the entire region. Check back regularly on the Action for Residents tab for updated dates and locations when they become available!

In early 2014, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, LLC, a Kinder Morgan company, announced its intention to install a high pressure natural gas transportation pipeline through northern Massachusetts. The Massachusetts portion of the proposed pipeline would run from Richmond (near the NY border), right through the northern edge of Groton, and on to a natural gas transportation hub in Dracut. Today, this proposed initiative is referred to as the Northeast Energy Direct project. On September 15, 2014, Tennessee Gas Pipeline filed a request to use pre-filing procedures (Docket # PF14-22-000) for this project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Figure 1:  Approximate Proposed Route for Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Northeast Energy Direct Project

Figure 2 Approximate Route of Tennessee Gas Pipeline's Proposed Route through Groton

To view an interactive Google Map of the pipeline path, click here.

During the summer of 2014, the Groton Board of Selectmen appointed an advisory committee, the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Working Group Committee, to (1) assist the board in making sure all viable alternatives to a high pressure gas pipeline through Groton are thoroughly evaluated before any routing decision is made; (2) provide education for Groton residents on the ins and outs of high pressure gas pipelines; and (3) should building a pipeline through Groton be approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, identify steps that could be taken to mitigate the impact of that decision on Groton landowners and town resources. 

Click here for information on committee membership, documents, correspondence, presentations and minutes of all public meetings. Committee meetings usually occur on Monday, beginning at 5:30 PM in the Selectmen’s Room at the Town Hall. Please check the town’s web site for the date, time, location and agenda for all committee meetings.

This series of web pages is intended to provide the community with information on the many aspects of Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s proposal. We have categorized information under the following headings (which appear as tabs at the top of this page):

Introduction – under this tab you will find introductory information and tables for pipeline committee correspondence as well as information being evaluated by the committee.

Information for Residents – under this tab you will find information thought to be of special interest to Groton residents.

General Pipeline Information – this tab provides readers access to a very large amount of information on nearly all aspects of natural gas pipelines.

Actions for Residents – under this tab, when it is deemed desirable by the Board of Selectmen, for community members to take actions (write letters, demonstrate, etc.), you will find all the information you need, for requested actions in a simple and clear package.

Selectmen’s Corner - This tab provides tables for Selectmen’s pipeline related correspondence.

If you find a broken link on any of these pages, have a suggestion for improving the site, or have any questions related to the pipeline, please send an e-mail to
The information here is specifically for Groton residents. From the wealth of natural gas pipeline information available, this page identifies that information which seems most relevant to the citizens of Groton. Please note, the number of entries in a table does not necessarily indicate the depth of information available as many of the titles are links to other web sites.

(Click on the "+" next to each heading to expand the information)

Information Resources

Title  Source Date Summary Pages
Nashua River Watershed NED Subsite Nashua River Watershed - Online 09-22-2015 Locally based association concerned with the well-being of the Nashua River and keeping it as nature intended web
Northeast Energy Solutions FERC Interface Page Northeast Energy - Online 07-24-2015 Provides a view into the correspondence between FERC and legislative bodies concerning the logistics of energy transport web
Kinder Morgan FERC Update Letter, July 2015 Kinder Morgan 07-24-2015 Routinely KM submitted update to project progress. web
Kinder Morgan Questionnaire Matrix Kinder Morgan 07-15-2015 List of questions asked of Kinder Morgan and their responses. 83
The Pipelines are Calling Lowell Sun 02-01-2015 Discusses the contrast of demand over the economics and potential downfalls of running new pipelines. 3
NTSB: Systemic flaws in safety oversight of gas pipelines Joan Lowry, Associated Press published in the Lowell Sun 01-27-2015 Identifies the current safety state of interstate and intrastate gas pipelines nationwide. Includes two dozen safety recommendations. web
Updated Tennessee Gas Pipeline Open House Announcement Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 01-29-2015 Establishes dates for the previously postponed informational meetings being held by Kinder Morgan. 4
Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Response to FERC Regarding Comments About Information Request Letters Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 01-27-2015 Tennessee Gas Pipeline responds to Town of Deerfield and several attorneys regarding the Deerfield Board of Health’s decision on the Kinder Morgan proposed pipeline. 36
Letter from Tennessee Gas Pipeline to FERC: Resource Report 10 Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 01-05-2015 Indicates that the revised Resource Report 10, reflecting the New York Powerline Alternative and the New Hampshire Powerline Alternative will be issued in March 2015. 3
Northeast Direct Project, Tennessee Gas Pipeline December 2014 Monthly Pre-Filing Status Report to FERC Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 01-13-2015 This is Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s monthly pre-filing status report for December 2014. 4
A Warning on Natural Gas Commonwealth Magazine 01-08-2015 Warns readers of the plight of supplying adequate natural gas through the eyes of Synapse Energy Economics. 2
Synapse Energy Economics Report Synapse Energy Economics 01-07-2015 Report assembled by Synapse Energy Economics and furnished to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources for the purposes of determining the state of natural gas demand in Massachusetts. 118
Northeast Direct Project, Tennessee Gas Pipeline November 2014 Monthly Status Report to FERC Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 12-11-2014 Status report updates the information Tennessee Gas Pipeline provided to FERC in its September 15, 2014 pre-filing request letter through the month of October 2014. 4
Draft Environmental Report: Resource Report 1, General Project Description Kinder Morgan 12-08-2014 Details and map for the new preferred route of the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline project. 98
Kinder Morgan Press Release Kinder Morgan 12-05-2014 Announces intention to adopt two alternative routes for its proposed Northeast Energy Direct project. 2
Letter to FERC from Massachusetts’ Fisheries and Wildlife Board Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Board 11-15-2014 Express concerns about the impact of the Northeast Direct Pipeline on fish and wildlife along the route through Massachusetts. 3
Kinder Morgan Proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Project Jack Petropoulos, Groton Selectmen and member of the town’s Tennessee Gas Pipeline Working Group Committee 11-2014 Groton specific presentation delivered at November 2014 Pipeline Safety Trust conference.

*Presentation Notes*
LNG: New England’s rare importer pushes gas to stave off region’s power pinch E&E Publishing, LLC 10-02-2014 The operator of one of the country’s only working liquefied natural gas import terminals claims to have an answer to the notorious and complex electricity needs plaguing New England: more LNG.

Thanks to Rich Crane for providing this item.
Major Solar Projects in the United States Operating, Under Construction or Under Development Solar Energy Industries Association 11-18-2014 Lists 14 Solar Projects Under Construction, 37 Under Development in Massachusetts. This list is for informational purposes only, reflecting projects and completed milestones in the public domain. Includes ground-mounted solar power plans 1 MW and larger.

Thanks to Rich Crane for providing this article.
ISO New England’s Web Site ISO New England 11-22-2014 Facts and statistics on New England’s electricity use, power supply mix, transmission development, air emissions, and prices. Includes ISO New England’s list of the top 10 demand days, plus state energy profiles.

Thanks to Rich Crane for providing this item.
The Natural Gas "Crisis:" Dispelling the Myths Conservation Law Foundation

Shanna Cleveland, Senior Attorney
11-15-2014 Presentations made at the STOP the Pipeline's State-wide Summit on 11-15 in Fitchburg.

Thanks to Rich Crane for Providing this item.
Pipeline's NH Route Moves to Top Choice New Hampshire Union Leader 11-22-2014 Pressure from Massachusetts towns swaying Tennessee Gas Pipeline's choice to consider new route. 4
Voices Raised to Stop Gas Pipeline Lowell Sun 11-16-2014 Hundreds at Fitchburg forum rally against proposed cross-state pipeline. 2
Massachusetts Historical Commission comments sent to FERC Massachusetts Historical Commission 11-05-2014 Contains comments to assist the FERC in its compliance with 36 CFR 800, the state regulations implementing Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. 3
Environmental Review Comments sent to FERC by the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, Tribal Historical Preservation Office 10-20-2014 Raises several concerns including the protocol procedures as defined in the Draft Unanticipated Discoveries Plan. 2
Northeast Direct Project, Tennessee Gas Pipeline October 2014 Status Report to FERC Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 11-07-2014 Up-to-date report on the status of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Project. 5
Northeast Energy Direct Project, Draft Environmental Report, Resources Report 10, Alternatives Tennessee Gas Pipeline, L.L.C. 11-05-2014 Kinder Morgan/TGP report to FERC on its analysis of alternate pipeline routes. Contains many maps and tables. 54+
Groton-Dunstable Regional School District letter to FERC Groton-Dunstable Regional School District School Committee 11-05-2014 Voices objection to proposed pipeline routing through High School property. 2
Gas Pipeline Hearings Delayed Lowell Sun 11-08-2014 Discusses alternate routes being considered by Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline. 2
What You Can Do No Fracked Gas in MA Organization Frequently Updated Many suggested actions you may take if you oppose the Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline's Northeast Energy Direct project. web
NH Gazette Editorial New Hampshire Gazette 10-28-14 Discusses the Coalition to Lower Energy Costs and suggests that this organizations’ goal may not entirely be what it seems. Claims that this coalition plans to spend "several hundreds of thousands of dollars" to air 30-second spots in favor of KM/TGP pipeline. web
Natural Gas Glossary US Energy Information Administration Unknown Glossary of natural gas related terms. web
External Addresses for Letters, Phone Calls and eMail Messages to Government and Non-Government Officials

By Functional Level
-or- Alphabetical
Groton Selectmen's Tennessee Gas Pipeline Working Group Committee 10-14-14 Contact information sorted functionally by organization type then alphabetically at that level. web
Landowner's Guide to Pipelines (safety, responsibilities and your rights) Pipeline Safety Trust 2014 This guide provides landowners with basic information about these types of pipelines, how they're operated, and what rights you have as a current or future landowner. web
Interact Electronically with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Unknown Register and Gain electronic access to all FERC public documents. web
Status of the LNG Terminals in Eastern Massachusetts Boston Globe 06-11-14 01-23-13 6
Natural Gas Pipeline Siting in Massachusetts MA Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs, MA Energy Facilities Siting Board Unknown Site is intended to answer frequently asked questions about the review process of interstate natural gas pipelines in Massachusetts.

Nashua River Watershed Association –Tennessee Gas Pipeline Issues
Nashua River Watershed Association  Unknown Information on Laterals, maps and video, and links and events relevant to the proposed gas pipeline.

Nashua River Watershed Association Position Letter
Nashua River Watershed Association
05-28-2014 Letter to MA Attorney General articulating the NRWA’s position on the proposed Tennessee Gas Pipeline.
Massachusetts Pipeline Awareness Network (massPLAN)
MassPLAN is a coalition of local and statewide groups and organizations opposed to the proposed Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct Project
Unknown Informative web site with a wealth of MA specific information related to the gas line proposed by Tennessee Gas Pipeline.
A Consumer Model for Natural Gas Infrastructure Development in New England Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) 05-17-2010 A proposal by MMWEC to address the electric system reliability and economic issues caused by insufficient natural gas infrastructure in New England. GELD, the Groton Electric Light Department, is a member of the MMWEC, and Kevin Kelly, manager of GELD, is a members of the MMWEC Board of Directors.
Attorney’s Letter to Selectmen RE: Impact on Property Values  Law Offices of Peter E, Flynn, PC, Saugus, MA
09-09-2014 Discusses the impact of natural gas pipelines on individual property values.
Knowing and Protecting Your Rights When an Interstate Pipeline Comes to Your Community Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant, Washington D.C. 05-17-2010 A legal and practical guide for States, local government units, non-governmental organizations and landowners on how the FERC Pipeline Certification process works and how you can participate.  64
Stop the Pipeline - SPCC Groton Stop the Pipeline Coordinating Committee of Groton, MA (SPCC) Frequently Updated Specific information for Groton residents divided into these major categories: watch, topics, maps, timeline, learn, and act. web
An Interstate Gas Pipeline on My Land; What Do I Need to Know Federal Energy Regulation Commission Unknown Succinctly provides explains the process for obtaining a natural gas certificate. Highly recommended. 30
Northeast Municipal Gas Pipeline Coalition (NMGPC) Document Directory 09-09-2014 Excellent list of information resources covering ten different areas with hype-links to all documents. See especially Section X, information related to the pre-permitting process. 15

Frequently Asked Questions

If you find a broken link on any of these pages, have a suggestion for improving the site, or have any questions related to the pipeline, please send an e-mail to
This tab provides readers access to a very large amount of information on nearly all aspects of natural gas pipelines.

(Click on the "+" next to each heading to expand the information) 

1. General Resources

2. Validate the Need for Additional Energy

3. Alternate Energy Resources

4. Conservation Measures

5. Alternate Pipeline Routes

6. Economic Impacts on the Public

7. Environmental Impacts on the Public

8. Quality of Life Impacts on the Public

9. Public Safety Impacts on the Public

10. Permitting Process Information

If you find a broken link on any of these pages, have a suggestion for improving the site, or have any questions related to the pipeline, please send an e-mail to
When action related to the proposed pipeline, such as communication with Federal and State officials, by Groton citizens is requested by the Selectmen, here you will find all the information you need to initiate and complete the requested action.

          Actions Requested

Action Name  Purpose   Action Timeframe  Resources for Citizens
Know the Score Gain Knowledge
and Stay Current
Ongoing and
The Pipeline Working Group Committee's

If you find a broken link on any of these pages, have a suggestion for improving the site, or have any questions related to the pipeline, please send an e-mail to
Here you will find copies of correspondence regarding the proposed pipeline sent and received by the Board of Selectmen.

Selectmen's Pipeline Related Correspondence

 Title  Subject  Date  Summary
Letter from Allen Fore,
VP, Public Affairs,
Kinder Morgan to Peter
Cunningham, Groton
Board of Selectmen
 Comparison of how Spectra
 Energy and Northeast Utilities'
 (NeU) proposed Access Northeast
 project compares with Kinder
 Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline's
 proposed Northeast Energy
 Direct project.
 Cunningham's request to know
 how the proposed Access
 Northeast project (Spectra/NeU)
 compares to the Northeast
 Energy Direct project (Kinder
Letter sent by the Board
of Selectmen to Governor
Deval Patrick, et. al.
 Kinder Morgan - Tennessee Gas
 Pipeline proposal does not
 represent the optimal solution
 for New England or the Town of Groton
 Policy makers should turn their
 focus to the many viable
Reply to Board of 
Selectmen's 09-16-14
Letter to Governor
Patrick from MA
Department of Public
Utilities (MA DPU)
 Kinder Morgan - Tennessee Gas
 Pipeline proposal does not represent
 the optimal solution for New England
 or the Town of Groton.
 Points out that Tennessee Gas is required
 to seek permission from MA DPU to
 survey properties in Massachusetts
 as part of the Northeast Energy Direct Project
 and has not yet done so. Further states that
 Massachusetts is conducting its own study
 to determine whether additional infrastructure 
 is required to meet projected energy demand.