Right-To-Know Coordinator
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This is a state-mandated position which has traditionally been held in Groton by the Fire Chief. Under oversight by the Department of Environmental Protection, this official:

* coordinates public access in the Town to information on toxic and hazardous substances which have been named to a Massachusetts Substance List and which are manufactured, processed, used, or stored at local workplaces.

Residents initiate the process by filing a petition with the Coordinator, who conducts a review and prepares a written report in response to every petition. Further review is undertaken by the state Department of Environmental Protection, which alone is authorized to release information to the petitioner.

Contact Information
Email fire@townofgroton.org Members 1
Phone (978) 448-6333 Selection Appointed
Fax Term 1 year
Office Town Hall, 173 Main St Remuneration None
Meeting Meeting location
Website GrotonFD.org

Appointed by: Town Manager
MemberRoleTerm StartTerm End
Joseph Bosselait Member 07/01/2013 06/30/2014