Planning Board

The Planning Board is mandated by state law to:
  • prepare and maintain the Town's Master Plan and Official Map
  • prepare, adopt, and administer Subdivision Rules and Regulations
  • review all subdivision plans submitted under state and local-by-law and regulations
  • supervise construction of subdivision roads and drainage systems
  • prepare and present zoning amendments at Town Meeting
  • report to Town Meeting on all proposed zoning amendments, no matter by whom proposed
  • act as special permit granting authority where designated in the Zoning by-law
  • review site plans for non-residential, non-agricultural development
The Planning Board was first established in 1946 when the Town Meeting accepted the Subdivision Control Law. The first zoning by-law, adopted in 1956, established minimum lot area and frontage requirements. Zoning districts were adopted in 1963 based upon the Comprehensive Master Plan written by Harvard Professor Charles Eliot. The Town voted to increase membership on the Board from five to seven members in 1980. The Comprehensive Master Plan was updated in 1990.

The Planning Board is served by the Land Use Director/Town Planner.

Contact Information
Email Members 7
Phone (978) 448-1105 Selection Elected
Fax (978) 448-1113 Term 3 years
Office Town Hall Remuneration None
Meeting Every Thursday @ 7:00 PM Meeting location Town Hall: Second Floor Meeting Room
Hours M 8:00am - 7:00pm; T-TH 8:00am - 4:00pm; F 8:00am - 1:00pm

MemberRoleTerm StartTerm End
George Barringer Chair 05/18/2016 05/21/2019
Russell Burke Vice-Chair 05/21/2015 05/21/2018
Carolyn Perkins Member 05/21/2015 05/21/2018
Timothy M. Svarczkopf Clerk 05/21/2015 05/21/2018
Scott Wilson Member 05/17/2017 05/21/2020