Municipal Building Committee for Prescott School
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Prescott School is a unique municipal asset located in the heart of downtown Groton. Listed on both the State and National Register of Historic Places, Prescott School has played a vital role educating generations of Groton residents and is today poised to reflect the values and serve the community needs of the Town for generations to come.

Committee Charge
The Committee shall be responsible for providing a vision for the future use of the Prescott School by gathering input from citizens, users and potential users, reviewing conceptual designs, making recommendations and acting in an advisory capacity for the Prescott School. The Committee's work should include, but not be limited to the following:

1. Identify realistic options for maintaining the building to stabilize the structure and preserve its historic value while serving the Town's needs. This shall include a discussion of its current condition.

2. Study the uses of similar historic buildings in comparable communities, including transitions to usage.

3. Develop and recommend a plan to the Select Board that maximizes the best uses of the building and site for the short (next 5 years) and long term (next 20+ years).
Recommendations should be based on a complete analysis of available options and demonstrate fiscal responsibility. To demonstrate fiscal responsibility, the Committee shall develop estimated costs and project time-frame associated with any recommendation.

4. Develop informational materials about any proposed re-use of the Prescott School and conduct a public information program. This shall include at least one or more public hearings to gather input from the community.

5. Develop a timeline for completion of the work and submission of a report to the Board by
June 30, 2015. This timeline should include quarterly reports to the Select Board and identify milestones to insure timely action by the Board.

Contact Information
Email Members 8
Phone 978-448-1111 Selection Appointed
Fax Term 1 year
Office Town Hall, 173 Main St Remuneration None
Meeting @ Meeting location

Appointed by: Town Manager
MemberRoleTerm StartTerm End
Bruce Easom Member 07/01/2016 09/01/2016
Annika Nilsson Ripps Member 07/01/2016 09/01/2016
Rebecca "Becky" Pine Member 07/01/2016 09/01/2016
Halsey Platt Clerk 07/01/2016 09/01/2016
Lynwood V. Prest Member 07/01/2016 09/01/2016
Gregory M. Sheldon Chair 07/01/2016 09/01/2016

Community Input
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