Lowell Regional Transit Authority
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Represents the Town of Groton as a member of the Lowell Regional Transportation Authority.

The Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA) provides transportation services to a number of communities in the Greater Lowell area through their local Councils on Aging. Each community pays for the specific services which the Authority provides through an annual assessment. The LRTA is administered by an Advisory Committee made up of representatives of the contracting cities and towns and by a paid administrator.

In Groton, for a modest fare, the LRTA provides "Road Runner" transportation on a fixed schedule (currently Mondays through Fridays) to any Groton resident, both within the Town and to a number of local and out-of-town shopping areas. For the contracted annual assessment, the LRTA furnishes vehicles, maintenance, drivers, insurance, administration, and State and Federal capital and operating assistance.

Contact Information
Email selectboard@townofgroton.org Members 1
Phone 978-448-1111 Selection Appointed
Fax Term 1 year
Office Town Hall, 173 Main St Remuneration None
Meeting @ Meeting location
Website townofgroton.org

Appointed by: Chairman of the Board of Selectmen
MemberRoleTerm StartTerm End
Joshua Degen Member 07/01/2015 06/30/2016
George D. Rider Member 04/30/2018 06/30/2019
Paul Routhier Member 07/01/2012 06/30/2013

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