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Historical Commission
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Under state law, the Commission is responsible for:
  • developing an inventory for the identification and protection of the historic properties in the Town, including areas, buildings, monuments, sites, burial grounds, and structures
The Groton Historical Commission was established in 1963 when, at the request of the Planning Board, the Select Board appointed five members. The Commission has been active since 1986 when members designed brochures, conducted walking tours of historic properties and began submitting reports to the state.

Contact Information
Email selectboard@townofgroton.org Members 7
Phone 978-448-1111 Selection Appointed
Fax Term 3 years
Office Town Hall, 173 Main St Remuneration None
Meeting @ Meeting location
Website townofgroton.org

Appointed by: Town Manager
MemberRoleTerm StartTerm End
Michael D.. Danti Member 07/01/2016 06/30/2019
Robert Degroot Member 07/01/2016 06/30/2019
Paul Keen Member 06/05/2017 06/30/2020
Allen B. King Member 07/01/2017 06/30/2020
Michael F. LaTerz II Member 07/01/2018 06/30/2021
George Wheatley Member 07/01/2016 06/30/2019

News and Information

The Groton Historical Commission has completed several projects, in recent years, which identify, document and register historic resources of Groton. These projects include: 

- The Community Wide Preservation inventory to identify and research historic buildings in the town; including those from the Federal and Colonial Periods. The findings have been documented on State Survey Forms and registered with the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The documentation is available on the Groton Public Library website. 

- Thorough Archeological and Agricultural Studies have been completed and are available via links under Historical Commission Documents at the top of this page. 

- A project to inventory, document, and restore (or replace) the twenty seven Groton Milestone Markers original installed in 1902 / 1903. These granite markers fan out from Groton center along North Main Street, Boston Road, Lowell Road, Old Dunstable Road, Old Ayer Road, Farmers Row, Long Hill Road, West Main Street, Chicopee Row, & Longely Road. The State Survey Forms have been completed and registered with the Massachusetts Historical Commission. 


The following projects are underway: 

- An application to place the Old Groton Meeting House on the National Historic Register has been submitted to the Massachusetts Historical Commission. This important structure is currently under the stewardship of the First Parish Church; immediately adjacent to Lawrence Academy. It was built in 1755; one of the oldest buildings of its kind in the country. 

- A project to inventory, document, and assess the condition of the colonial era markers on Main Street, Boston Road and Old Ayer Road. These markers date back to the late 18th century. Concern about their condition drives this effort to ensure their preservation for future generations. 

- An update to the inventory and documentation of the many memorial stones, markers, plaques and signs the citizens of Groton have placed throughout the town in honor of the brave, the fallen, and the historically significant. These include the Memorial Common and memorials at the Legion Hall on Hollis Street; the Prescott Memorial at Old Ayer Road; and many others.

The Groton Historical Commission 

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