Northwoods Conservation Area

227-69      1.96 acres       Map
227-80      13.28 acres       Map
Acquired: Deeded as part of the subdivision/special permit process in 1996.

Features: Includes an excavated pond, wetlands and open hillside.

Northwoods Road
Nashua Road
Longley Road

Regulations for Northwoods Conservation Area

Parcel 227-80:

Northwoods Property Rules

  • All people are welcome to enjoy themselves without charge in these conservation areas of the Town of Groton from 1/2 hour after sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset.

  • Walking trail only are parcel 227-69. No horseback riding allowed.

  • Walking and horseback riding allowed on parcel 227-80.

  • No cars, trucks or other powered vehicles or tools, except for vehicles permitted by the Conservation Commission, are allowed except on designated roads.

  • If not posted, areas may be hunted or fished in season with license and in accord with applicable law.

  • In these areas, no person shall cut, break, remove, deface, defile, or ill-use any structure, fence, sign or possession of any part thereof. No growing trees, bushes, plants or flowers shall be defaced or cut, nor shall trails be cut or marked, no dams built nor any structure such as a lean-to, bridge, tower or handrail be constructed, without written authorization of the Conservation Commission.

  • No person shall engage in business, sell or expose for sale, or give away any goods, wares or circulars without a permit.

  • Overnight camping may be permitted to groups having an adult leader present at all times. Every group shall obtain prior written permission from the Conservation Commission, must obtain a fire permit if open fires are planned, and must each time notify the chief of police of both exact dates of occupancy and identity of the accompanying responsible adult.

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