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Commissioners of Trust Funds
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The Commission:
  • manages and controls all trust funds given or bequeathed for the benefit of the Town or its residents
  • distributes the income from the trusts in accordance with the terms of each
  • keeps a record of its doings, and at the close of each financial year, makes a report showing the total amount of the funds and their investments, receipts, and disbursements, setting forth in detail the sources of the receipts and the purposes of the expenditures.
In compliance with the wishes of the donors, the Commissioners have used appropriate funds to provide free lectures, shows and presentations to Groton residents; benefit the Groton Public Library; assist Groton residents with basic necessities during a financial crisis; provide scholarships to both 2 and 4 year institutions to graduating high school seniors along with adults looking for re-training; and provide evening care, including assistance with classes. The Commissioners also administer a gift account, the Community Children's Fund, which offers assistance to families with school-age children. This assistance includes help during the December holidays; scholarships for summer/sports camps and school supplies, etc.

Contact Information
Email trustfunds@townofgroton.org Members 3
Phone (978) 877-6787 Selection Elected
Fax Term 3 years
Office Prescott School, 145 Main Street, Groton, MA 01450 Remuneration None
Meeting Fourth Thursday @ 7:00 PM Meeting location Prescott School
Website townofgroton.org
Hours Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 1pm In an emergency please contact Karen Tuomi at 978-877-6787

MemberRoleTerm StartTerm End
Martha Mclure Member 05/25/2018 05/19/2020
Joseph Twomey Member 05/23/2018 05/31/2021
Leslie Wickfield Member 05/18/2016 05/21/2019

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