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Groton Cemetery Civil War Interments

      Plot of Civil War Era Veterans right in Groton Cemetery. Hover for more information! Pictures at right.

The Civil War was one of our nation's earliest conflicts and, arguably, the struggle most responsible for shaping our nation's identity to what it is today. There are over a half-million Civil War Era veterans interred at countless cemeteries across the nation. So, it is no surprise then that we have at least some that have found their final resting place right here in Groton!

​Scouting and data collection courtesy of Chris Huber as part of an Eagle Scout project. It was a monumental amount of work and we are extremely pleased to be able to provide access to such a great resource! 

Thank you for your efforts Chris and all those involved providing the springboard for this project, especially
Debbie Beal Normandin for her reference map and Eleanor Gavazzi for her guidance and expertise!

Here's a short message about Chris and his project as well as a link to the raw data.

Please be aware many hours went into compiling this information and that it should not be used or reposted without the consent of its progenitors. Thank you!

Groton Cemetery Interment Photos