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Sargisson Beach Information

Sargisson Beach

171 Whiley Road, Groton, MA or 978-448-1106
Status: Water Quality Tested Weekly

  • Lifeguards are added for Summer 2016, see hours below
  • Sargisson Beach CPC Restoration Project completed, check out new fisherman's walk, erosion control measures, new beach sand, info boards and signs.
  • Kayak/Canoe rack available.  Contact if interested


Directions: 171 Whiley Road via Google Maps
Activities: Swimming, Fishing, Hiking, Picnicking, Kayaking, Canoeing
Hours: Park open Sunrise to Sunset.  Lifeguard Hours
Parking: Must park in the parking lot.  NO Parking on Whiley Road.  No sticker is required.
Boats: Motorboats MUST tie up at the L dock.  Boats must stay out of marked swim areas.
Trash: Carry in Carry Out.  No Littering

Lifeguard Hours
Sargisson and Priest Conservation Properties Trail Map
Sargisson Beach Map
Sargisson Beach Committee

Map of Sargisson Beach and Parking Lot

*This park is made available in accordance with laws governing recreational use (M.G.L. Chapter 21 Section 17c.)  The Town of Groton does not assume responsibility for injuries or damage to personal property.  Violations of the law against drinking, trespass, vandalism, littering, etc. may be prosecuted.  Any person endangering others, destroying property or creating a nuisance on Sargisson Beach may be expelled, subject to fines, and/or lose their beach privileges.